Drug and Disease search web app – update

DrugDz is a webapp to search free online resources for drug and disease information. I have recently redisgned the app and expanded the info providers include:
* Drugs.com
* Epocrates
* Medscape
* MIMS Malaysia
* Wikipedia
* SearchICD9 – you can now search ICD9 codes!

Point your mobile browsers to: http://medwebapp from this source.com/nsbapp/drugdz/

Please give feedback as I want to know how it appears on different smartphone sizes e.g. Galaxy Nexus, Note

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New server

We’ve just migrated to a new server and trying to iron our any minor glitches. Hope the brief downtime didn’t inconvenience anyone.

New module: CHADS2 score

I’ve added the CHADS2 score which is the often used (and clinically validated) score to estimate stroke risk in non-valvular atrial fibrillation. This mobile app also includes the newer CHA2DS2-VASc score. It has been added to both the Cardiology and <a href="http://medwebapp.com/index published here.php/neurology/”>Neurology sections of this site.
On a tech note, this is the first time I am using NSB/App Studio’s new version which incorporates the jQuery Mobile framework. The checkboxes and controls are very nice and this gives the apps a new look.

New app: Procedures

Procedures is a new web app which links you to information on the commonly performed clinical procedures in medicine.
This app has been placed in a new section for this website – CME . The Medcast medical podcast app has been relocated to the CME page as well.

Datecalc update

I’ve posted a new version of Datecalc – Datecalc2 – which specifically supports the new Date picker control for iOS 5.x devices (e.g. iPhone 4S, and updated iPhones, iPads running iOS 5.x) . The older version of Datecalc is being maintained for backwards compatibility as well as the ability to run on non-iOS5 devices. If you are using a non-Touch screen device e.g. Google Chrome on your desktop, the spinning wheel datepicker is disabled.
Users are automatically redirected to a compatible version if they are not using the correct one.


Update: DrugDz

The Drug and Diseases search app has been updated and there is now a History button which allows you to display the last 5 searches. Tapping on any of the searches will auto-fill the search box with that item.


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New app: Apgar score

Added an Apgar score calculator and a new Pediatrics section to the site doxycycline tablets 50mg.

Newly added: MedCast

Do you listen to medical podcasts? Here’s a free app with a handy collection of top medical podcasts which you can listen too just using the browser of your smartphone. I’ve added this to the 2.0 General section of this site. Due to server requirements the app is hosted on palmdoc.net rather than medwebapp.com


Fetch and play podcasts from one Calculator of the top 10 medical podcasts available including the NEJM this week, JAMA commentary,  Journal Watch and ACC conversations.
The uniqueness of this podcast app is that it will automatically display and play the latest podcast for you.

Featured app: Pregnancy Calculator

PregCalc is a pregnancy wheel calculator which allows you to compute the LMP/EDD/EGA. This app WordPress will run on most Touchscreen <a href="http://www.cheapjerseysgest click here to find out more.com”>cheap mlb jerseys capable smartphones like the iPhone or wholesale nfl jerseys Android phones. Here’s a quick video tutorial on how A to ready use the app.

You achieves can set the date items using the “Set” buttons cheap nfl jerseys or you wholesale mlb jerseys can manually type in the date in Cardiology the format Month/Day/Year. The instructions latter may be necessary if you are not using a Touchscreen device, e.g. running the app until in the Chrome browser. In some Touchscreen devices e.g. the webOS Palm Pre , the spinning wheel does not work well due to a bug in the webkit implementation of webOS. The spinning wheel has been tested and it works in iOS and Android.


Clearer instructions on using the mobile site

I have added some details on how cheap mlb jerseys to navigate the cheap nfl jerseys mobile view of this site (which Website automatically appears if you are using a smartphone like the wholesale jerseys iPhone wholesale jerseys or New Android) General in the front page and also tips on how to save the app from the browser <a href="http://www why not check here.cheapjerseyslan.com”>cheap nba jerseys to the Home screen. Apps saved new on the Home screen will be able to run мер offline Girl like a Beer regular mobile app.