The future is mobile and the future is multi-platform. With that in mind, MedWebApp has been launched with the focus on  mobile medical web apps.

The advantage of these apps are that they are platform independent and can run on iOS, Android and even your desktop browser (Chrome or Safari only for the moment).  These are apps  based on HTML5 technology and can run offline like a regular app on your smartphone or iPad provided you save it as a shortcut on your Home screen.

These apps run on an iPhone (any model) with iOS 3.0 or later, iPod Touch (any model) with iOS 3.0 or later, iPad (any model), Android 2.1 (or later) devices, BlackBerry OS 6 (or later) devices and HP Web OS devices. The apps will also run in Chrome and Safari browsers on your desktop/notebook but bear in mind the apps were scaled to run on mobile devices.