Site changes: Facebook discussion, Free hosting

I’ve changed the landing page of to blog updates. If you are looking for help on using the apps, see the Help page. If you still need support, do feel free to Contact me.

I’ve started an open Facebook group to facilitate on discussion on Medical Webapps. The group is for coders as well as users so that ideas can be exchanged. Why start this group? I am a passionate believer in mobile productivity, to be able to use mobile devices in every day work as a medical professional. Why web apps? They are “platform agnostic” – you can run them in practically any modern mobile device’s browser – and you can easily publish them on the web without being beholden to an app store be it Android or Apple’s.
Join the Facebook group and if you are an NSBApp Studio user and wish to host your medical web apps for free, I’ll provide you with free ftp access to and an account which you can plugin to NSBApp studio and upload your medical webapps.
Do you have your own medical web apps that you’d like me to link to? Just let me know and I’ll be happy to do so. The preference is for mobile friendly web apps.

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