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It’s been a while since I’ve coded a new medical web app but what better incentive than a colleague asking you for help – in this case, to convert a CPG to an app. The CPG in question are guidelines on the management of Venous Thromboembolism (source). It was not difficult convert the document into an app and the tools I used were:

1) Source document in Word format
2) A Word to HTML Converter
3) NSBApp Studio

It was a matter of breaking up the document into sections and making it a menu driven system to display html content. An app is also ideal for computing scores and in this web app, there are tools for calculating the Improve score (bleeding risk), Padua score (medical patients at risk for VTE) and the Well’s DVT and PE diagnostic probability scores. Aside from this the app gives guidance on the identification of patients at risk, prophylaxis and management of VTE which covers initial anticoagulation, maintenance and monitoring, dosing, perioperative care and managment of over anticoagulation. Unlike some of the earlier guidelines, this on covers the newer direct inhibitors like dabigatran and rivaroxaban.

The web app is available in the Hematology section and you can run it in Chrome or Safari browser and should be compatible with most browsers on your mobile device. Once you have loaded it you don’t need a constant internet connection as it runs off the browser cache. You can create a Shortcut to the App on your homescreen and it will run like a regular native app.
Eventually I shall come up with an Android app after some fine tuning. I could come up with an iOS version but as I am not an Apple developer, I would need a collaborator on Phonegap Build for this purpose. If you are one and can help please email me

Screen shots:



<img src="" title="Hosted by imgur doxycycline tablets for” alt=”VTE 3″/>

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