Featured app: Pregnancy Calculator

PregCalc┬áis a pregnancy wheel calculator which allows you to compute the LMP/EDD/EGA. This app WordPress will run on most Touchscreen <a href="http://www.cheapjerseysgest click here to find out more.com”>cheap mlb jerseys capable smartphones like the iPhone or wholesale nfl jerseys Android phones. Here’s a quick video tutorial on how A to ready use the app.

You achieves can set the date items using the “Set” buttons cheap nfl jerseys or you wholesale mlb jerseys can manually type in the date in Cardiology the format Month/Day/Year. The instructions latter may be necessary if you are not using a Touchscreen device, e.g. running the app until in the Chrome browser. In some Touchscreen devices e.g. the webOS Palm Pre , the spinning wheel does not work well due to a bug in the webkit implementation of webOS. The spinning wheel has been tested and it works in iOS and Android.