New: Stopbang

StopBang is an 8 part questionnaire which functions as a screening tool for obstructive sleep apnea. Like our other webapps, this one is mobile friendly and will run in the browser of your modern smartphone


Stopbang has been added to the Patient Assessment Tools section of this site.

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New: TIMI scores

Added TIMI Score calculators to the Cardiology section. The module calculates the TIMI Risk Index, TIMI Risk score for STEMI and TIMI Risk score for UA/NSTEMI.
The web app runs on your mobile and should scale according to the screen size of your device though the button and control placements will differ slightly from device to device.
Screenshots from an iPhone 4:

Timi 1

Timi 2

Site changes: Facebook discussion, Free hosting

I’ve changed the landing page of to blog updates. If you are looking for help on using the apps, see the Help page. If you still need support, do feel free to Contact me.

I’ve started an open Facebook group to facilitate on discussion on Medical Webapps. The group is for coders as well as users so that ideas can be exchanged. Why start this group? I am a passionate believer in mobile productivity, to be able to use mobile devices in every day work as a medical professional. Why web apps? They are “platform agnostic” – you can run them in practically any modern mobile device’s browser – and you can easily publish them on the web without being beholden to an app store be it Android or Apple’s.
Join the Facebook group and if you are an NSBApp Studio user and wish to host your medical web apps for free, I’ll provide you with free ftp access to and an account which you can plugin to NSBApp studio and upload your medical webapps.
Do you have your own medical web apps that you’d like me to link to? Just let me know and I’ll be happy to do so. The preference is for mobile friendly web apps.

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New web app: Centor score

Added a new section to Respiratory, with the addition of the Centor score

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New category: Gastro

Starting off the <a href="http://medwebapp discover”>Gastro section, with the addition of the Child-Pugh score and MELD score

New app: Framingham CHF

Heart failure

Managed some time over the weekend to whip up another web app, thsi time the Framingham Heart Failure critieria, located in the Cardiology section of
Do test it out and let me know.
I am getting the hang of NSBApp studio which keeps on improving with more features. I really like the scalability of the controls now except this time the Checkbox control can’t be scaled (for the moment) so the width is fixed I’m afraid. The older web apps will be updated with newer code to suport scaling for different screen sizes.

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New: VTE

It’s been a while since I’ve coded a new medical web app but what better incentive than a colleague asking you for help – in this case, to convert a CPG to an app. The CPG in question are guidelines on the management of Venous Thromboembolism (source). It was not difficult convert the document into an app and the tools I used were:

1) Source document in Word format
2) A Word to HTML Converter
3) NSBApp Studio

It was a matter of breaking up the document into sections and making it a menu driven system to display html content. An app is also ideal for computing scores and in this web app, there are tools for calculating the Improve score (bleeding risk), Padua score (medical patients at risk for VTE) and the Well’s DVT and PE diagnostic probability scores. Aside from this the app gives guidance on the identification of patients at risk, prophylaxis and management of VTE which covers initial anticoagulation, maintenance and monitoring, dosing, perioperative care and managment of over anticoagulation. Unlike some of the earlier guidelines, this on covers the newer direct inhibitors like dabigatran and rivaroxaban.

The web app is available in the Hematology section and you can run it in Chrome or Safari browser and should be compatible with most browsers on your mobile device. Once you have loaded it you don’t need a constant internet connection as it runs off the browser cache. You can create a Shortcut to the App on your homescreen and it will run like a regular native app.
Eventually I shall come up with an Android app after some fine tuning. I could come up with an iOS version but as I am not an Apple developer, I would need a collaborator on Phonegap Build for this purpose. If you are one and can help please email me

Screen shots:



<img src="" title="Hosted by imgur doxycycline tablets for” alt=”VTE 3″/>

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New section – Haematology

Finally got round to adding a Haematology section, starting with the IDA vs Thalassaemia app. This section will only include benign Haematology. For malignant Haematology, users should visit

Drugs and Diseases Search HD

Updated the General section with <a href="http://medwebapp doxycycline tablets”>Drugs and Diseases Search HD (for tablets)

BodyCalc updated

The general body indices calculator, BodyCalc has been revamped. There are now two ways to input the Height and Weight – either click on the Enter Height and Enter Weight buttons for an Input prompt or else tap on either the Height or Weight fields to get a pop up Numeric keypad (this is to cater for devices e.g. Android Honeycomb where there is a bug which disallows entering decimal points).
The results are now generated in one page. You can modify the results e.g. BSA according to one of the other methods or IBW by sex.
There is a Preferences page for you to select SI or US as your preferred units.
The app will remember your last entered Height and Weight.